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Elisa Greene Running for Precinct 407 Chair

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  • Elisa Greene Running for Precinct 407 Chair
    Elisa Greene Running for Precinct 407 Chair

Editor’s Note: The following is an election announcement from a local candidate. The Bulletin grants local candidates an election announcement free of charge, with all following materials charged an ad fee.

My name is Elisa Greene and I’m pleased to announce I will be running for Precinct Chair #407 in the May 24th Election. My father is an Air Force veteran and was stationed at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines where I was born and when I was 4, my father retired from the Air Force and we moved to San Antonio, Texas where I grew up.

In 1993, I moved to Pipe Creek and have been in love with the hill country ever since. I decided to pursue a career in education and graduated from UTSA in 1999 and began teaching in the fall of 2000 at Hill Country Elementary. I taught 2nd grade, special education grades 3-5 and 1st grade. My specialties were Reading, Special Education, and ESL. I had the pleasure and honor to teach for 12 years, where I met amazing teachers, principals, superintendents, admin, various staff members, students and parents.

I moved from Pipe Creek to Bandera in 2005 and still reside here. I love the small town life and close community of people working and helping one another. My parents and brother also moved to the area as well. I remarried in 2012 to my husband Mike after my first husband passed in 2010. Mike and my brother had a successful business here which they closed in the last couple of years.

I continued teaching until 2012. Teaching was a learning and rewarding experience, but I was fortunate enough to have some options so I decided to pursue another passion in my life, fitness. I am a gym nerd always working on my own fitness and wanted to share that passion so I became a personal trainer and sports nutritionist in 2012 and have trained various local people over the years. Helping people become more healthy is important to me.

Since then in the last few years, like many of you, I have had growing concerns about where our great nation is headed. Our freedoms are being threatened and the only way to keep them is to preserve the statutes of our Constitution and our values. This does not start nationally, it starts locally. Voting is of the utmost importance and we must keep the integrity of our votes. If we can’t trust our election and voting process then we will have failed.

In the fall of 2021, I joined a newly formed group called We the Women, a group iuiof passionate lady patriots dedicated to the same values as many of us are. We are currently working on urgent issues such as protecting our children from the kind of curriculum and books that are being implemented in schools which undermine and threaten family values, border awareness as our borders are now wide open threatening our very culture, safety and way of life, and voting integrity working to keep our beloved Texas red. I’ve met some strong, patriotic women who are great assets to our community and town.

I also had the privilege to work as a poll worker in our county. It is exciting to see how our elections work behind the scenes. Our county election officials work with the utmost integrity and honesty.

Because of those values that I highly treasure, and after seeing other elections compromised, it became a great concern, so I decided to run for my local Precinct Chair. Voting is our duty and it’s so important in the endeavor of keeping our freedoms. I also want to ensure our local Republican party is strong, as there are those who may want to disrupt that and being united and working as a team is what will keep it strong.

Please vote for me for Precinct Chair #407 in the May 24th run-off election. Early voting begins May 16th. It would be an honor to serve the people in my precinct and in Bandera County!