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Do Liberals Hate the Military?

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Before I answer that question lets talk about what your military has given you over the past 200 years.

They have given you the greatest nation in history. A country where you are free to live as you see fit. A nation that has religious freedom. In fact, a nation that has more freedoms than any other nation on earth. They fight and die for you daily. They die in continuous wars that the government makes them fight. They die by the hundreds annually in training accidents. What do they ask in return? Nothing. They willingly pay the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom.

Given all that I have said you would think that even a liberal would respect that. Liberals don’t and they prove it on a daily basis. Because a liberal has no honor, no integrity, no loyalty, and they hate anyone that displays these character traits. They are basically cowards that hide in the shadows.

Harsh words for me. But I mean every word and I have become thoroughly disgusted.

I will now tell you why I am so angry with liberals regarding military.

I am sure you remember the debacle the Afghanistan withdrawal was. Liberals left Billions of dollars of equipment that will be impossible to replace in the near term. Liberals were directly responsible for the deaths of at least 11 Marines. The bloodiest day for American military in almost 20 years. The equipment and supplies they left behind will kill your sons and daughters for decades to come. No remorse from liberals. It’s the military’s job to die. That what they get paid to do.

When Lt. Col Scheller criti cized the incompetence of the Afghanistan surrender what did the liberals do? And that’s what it was a surrender, and we ran with our tails tucked between our legs while the Taliban watched and laughed.

They Court Marshaled him. A Marine with 17 years of faithful service to his country and to you. A Marine with a Bronze Star with Valor and numerous other awards for service and bravery in combat. So, what was Lt. Col Scheller’s sentence? A $5,000.00 fine and a General Officer Letter of Reprimand (career ending). His only guilt in my opinion was openly saying what everyone was thinking but did not have the courage to say.

Now Lt. Col Scheller’s file goes before SECNAV to determine what type of discharge he will receive. The SECNAV can give him an honorable, other than honorable, general or a dishonorable discharge. Eleven U.S. Representatives signed a letter to the SECNAV requesting Lt. Col Scheller be given an honorable discharge. All eleven Representatives are Republicans.

Not a single liberal signed the letter. But what would you expect?

Where do we go from here? I sent Lt. Col Scheller a personal thank you for his sacrifice and invited him to become a citizen of Bandera County. I for one would be glad to call him neighbor.

In closing I would like to ask a favor of you. I spend much time researching and writing these articles. The favor I ask is for you to give the Bandera bulletin feedback. Do you like the articles, dislike or don’t care?

Conrad Streigl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct hair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.