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Democratic electoral prospects looking up

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The 2020 election for control of Americas’ political will has begun, and there is much at stake.

First, let’s consider where we are now.

With unitary federal domination by the Republican Party, until Democrats took the House in 2016, and considering everything Republicans could have done for the American people in health care, education, infrastructure and more, what did they use their unchallenged power to do?

Republicans chose to make the rich richer.

They passed a $1.9 trillion tax cut essentially in secret with no debate, a tax cut overwhelmingly benefiting corporations and their wealthy shareholders who are using their windfall to set up dynasty trusts for their descendants.

It also increases the federal budget deficit by 17 percent, according to Bloomberg News.

Not to demonize the wealthy, I would argue there are probably as many among the wealthy who are fine with paying their fair share in taxes and vote Democratic.

In the Senate, Republicans continue to appoint pro-corporate federal judges on the far right. These judges also hold the promise to appease a minority of evangelicals who vote for them and who believe that an embryo is the equivalent of a human being.

They are fighting hard to make abortions illegal for the poor. Women of means will always be able to pay for this procedure, just as they did before the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe in what can be called social rights, like Social Security, public education and Medicare.

Democrats in the House are currently passing legislation designed I would argue to improve the lives of all Americans.

These bills, however, are being ignored by Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, who refuses to bring the bills to the Senate floor for debate.

McConnell’s tactic not only supercharges partisan politics, it is also un-American.

The Constitution itself was a result of heated debate and compromise.

On the 2020 election horizon however, things are looking up for hard working Americans of all stripes.

Democratic candidates continue to mount serious challenges in modern Republican strongholds like Texas, where Beto O’Rourke was narrowly defeated by Republican Ted Cruz in 2018 for Cruz’ U.S. Senate seat.

The 2020 Democratic candidates for president have many ideas and policy positions constructed to improve the economy beyond the tired, unproven theory of Republican trickle-down economics.

For example, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for Economic Patriotism.

Warren puts it this way: “American companies show only one real loyalty: to the short-term interests of their shareholders, a third of whom are foreign investors. If they can close up an American factory and ship jobs overseas to save a nickel, that’s exactly what they will do — abandoning loyal American workers and hollowing out American cities along the way.”

And she wants it to stop.

One specific bullet point on Warren’s policy agenda is to create a unified Department of Economic Development that would combine the functions of the Commerce Department with the Small Business Administration, the Patent and Trademark Office along with job training and R&D programs scattered around the bureaucracy, according to Vox.

Take heart America, the Republican Party of never-ending tax cuts for the wealthy and pandering to corporate wish lists is in for a fight.