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A COVID Vaccination Shows Care For Our Community. Do It Now.

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In less than a month, hundreds of students will join teachers, administrators, and staff back in our county school classrooms. This is not without some very real concerns for our communities.

Texas and the nation are being hit by the most contagious and dangerous variant of COVID-19. After weeks of decline, the number of new positive cases and hospitalizations in the state has started to dramatically increase.

The positivity rate is higher today than it was in February. Only 43% of Texans have been fully vaccinated (New York Times, July 22, 2021). We have reached the point now where 99% of those being hospitalized and/or dying from the virus are unvaccinated (Associated Press, June 29, 2021) . Younger people are suffering the most.

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 isn’t simply about an individual’s isolated behavior. It is the impact a single person’s action can have beyond their own well-being. It is a demonstration of concern and care for a community – friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, and the entire community.

Vaccines are available to everyone 12 and older. Every student entering high school should get the vaccine. This is about making sure the pandemic doesn’t do any more to disrupt the school year. This is about students protecting their classmates.

The notion that the most important concern over a COVID-19 vaccine shot is individual liberty misses the point. A worry that taking the shot might put personal health at risk is very limited.

The best way to stem the latest increase in infections is to help make sure it doesn’t get transmitted to others. The most effective way to assure a community is protected is when individuals are vaccinated.

From Sean Hannity to Demi Lovato to the U.S. Surgeon General, the alarm is being sounded about the very real danger of the Delta variant and the need to be vaccinated. Do it for our community. Do it today.

- Saleh N. Jaafar, MD

Bandera Family Practice Clinic

- Fred Salley, MD

Peterson Health, Bandera

- Bill Beall, PA-C

Arthur Nagel Community Clinic, Bandera

- Barbara Dauerty, PA-C

Arthur Nagel Community Clinic, Bandera

-Shelley R. Kholleppel, MD

Medina Lake Clinic, Lakehills