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Called to be Kings and Priests

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What this is about: Helping you identify that special part of the territory of earth you are to take dominion over through the gifts and passions and background you possess. Your first step is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Please refer to Acts 2:30: Peter Replied to the crowd of people who witnessed the disciples of Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit followed by Peter’s stirring sermon, and wanting to know what to do to be saved. Peter told them, first repent of your sins, second, be water baptized, then third receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. What Peter didn’t know at the time is that the third step is assured, but Jesus was in charge of the timing. Some people are filled at the time they are saved; others, like me, It took me 12 years from the time I was saved to the time Jesus filled me with the Holy Spirit. Here are some other examples:

According to Acts 9:17-18, Paul, named Saul at the time, was baptized with the Holy Spirit at the same time he was saved. This is how he described it to Timothy, “I was flooded with such incredible grace, like a river overflowing its banks, until I was full of faith and in love with Jesus. I was captured by grace, so that Jesus Christ could display through me the outpouring of His Spirit as a pattern to be seen for all those who would believe in Him for eternal life.” That was the evidence (pattern) of being Holy Spirit baptized.

Duncan Campbell, of the Midargyl revival, was locked in his study laying on a carpet on the floor when Jesus baptized him with His Holy Spirit. He testifies, “wave after wave came rolling over me until the love of God swept through me like a mighty river. I was so wrought upon by the Holy Ghost that I cried and I laughed and I prayed. The Holy Ghost came to me in a mighty cleansing power. God came to me. I went out to preach the same sermons I had been preaching for 17 years, with this difference, that I saw hundreds converted and brought to Christ. I was transformed.”

Dr. R.T. Kendal, former Pastor of Westminster Chapel in London was driving in his car to a college in Nashville when the glory of God engaged him and changed his life. “I began weeping with joy, he said, I found myself in the heavenlies and Jesus was praying for me at God’s right hand.

Charles Finny, evangelist in America’s second great awakening, told when on the day after he was saved, Jesus engaged and filled him. “The Holy Spirit seemed to go through me, body and soul, like a wave of electricity, coming in waves of love. I seemed to meet Him; there-was Jesus-the very Savior.

Love and grace poured out on me in transformation to a new man was my experience when God, the Holy Spirit fell on me while I was lying on my bed in Austin, Texas. I was totally given to Jesus, and I just laughed and cried at the same time. I was so excited that my old sin-life and addictions had left me.