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Bloomberg is not a savior for Democrats

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The Democratic Primary’s field of presidential candidates has narrowed to a washed-out communist, a handful of far-left progressives pretending to be moderates and the incredibly wealthy, elitist carpetbagger Michael Bloomberg.

Let’s be clear: The Democratic National Committee changed its debate rules to make it difficult for candidates of color to be involved but welcomes a white billionaire who still supports the Iraq War, presided over racist police policies, spied on Muslims and was a lifelong Republican with the record to prove it.

Democrats and their fake news propagandists want “money out of politics,” yet they’re encouraging an out-of-touch New York oligarch who’s literally willing to spend billions buying the Democratic nomination.

And the DNC’s pushing him hard because Bernie Sanders scares them to death. This primary will show if the DNC sells out again to a New York elitist, just like Clinton in 2016.

Any remaining truly objective Democrats who are reading this know I’m right.

You might hate Trump, but don’t take any bets on the DNC’s integrity because their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

In my opinion, principles be damned; all the DNC, progressives and many Democrats care about is who can beat Donald Trump.

Somehow, they equate Trump’s win with mini-Mike taking the same “outsider” route to success.

Ain’t happening though. Bloomberg’s a terrible politician with the charisma of nose hair.

They’re totally different beasts offering diametrically opposed views of humanity. Can you see mini-Mike enjoying himself at the Daytona 500?

Bloomberg’s candidacy and establishment Democrat’s receptivity to it glaringly exposes the rot at their party’s heart.

The same thing happened to 2016 Republicans.

That’s why only a candidacy residing outside of the party (like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders) and hostile to it (provoking its hostility) is worthwhile.

What Bloomberg’s said in the past, what he says he’s said in the past and what he’s saying now are three different things.

Mikey’s unbridled capitalism without the tempering morality of Christianity.

America, you should be freaked when an unprincipled oligarch like Bloomberg attempts to buy the presidency.

Once deriding Obamacare as “a disgrace,” Bloomberg by one report has criticized how much the country pays to treat extremely ill, elderly patients, saying a 95-year-old with prostate cancer should be told “there’s no cure and we can’t do anything.”

But what if you’re an 86-year-old who’s been treated for colorectal cancer, cancerous lung growths and pancreatic cancer? And your name is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Suddenly, RBG’s a Trump supporter.

Look, I’m no expert. But if you’re a Democrat and you like RBG...maybe mini-Mike isn’t your guy?

If Beto said: “Hell yes we’re going to take away your guns,” then mini-Mike appears to be saying something like, “Hell yes, we’re taking your grandma too.”

Bloomberg reportedly told one of his recently pregnant workers to “kill it.”

He derides farmers and industry worker’s intelligence, then insults women, minorities, gays and lesbians who work for him.

But unlike Trump, his wasn’t locker room talk.

Democrats, this is not a good guy.