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Trump’s power-hung ry dreams thwarted

Trump’s power-hungry dreams thwarted

When I was 12, I played Little League baseball and had a great time. However, my high school did not have a baseball team. So, I said goodbye to my dreams of playing for the N.Y. Yankees.

I believe that Donald Trump has also had a few disappointments in his life. When he was very young, I suspect that he wanted to become a powerful man, like say a king or a dictator. But poor fellow, he was born in America.

The U.S. frowns on kings and dictators. As our constitution puts it, “no man is above the law.” No room for kings here, or dictators.

Recently, Trump pulled back some soldiers stationed in Syria. This hasty move scrambled things. Next thing you know, Turkey is sending troops to Syria for a land grab.

And, what about those Kurdish soldiers that fought so bravely side by side with our soldiers in the war against ISIS? The Kurds did most of the fighting there.

Sadly, old promises are easily forgotten. A trusty ally is not consulted. Trump’s impulsive move ignores both the past and the future.

When Trump acts like a king, it is often a blundering kind of action. He does not think things through. Worst of all, he surrounds himself with yes-men - guys with no spine.

Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has characterized Trump’s removal of these soldiers in Syria as “dishonorable.”

Trump’s main response was not printable, so they tell me. Well, that’s the problem with a narcissistic personality disorder. You can’t handle criticism.

– Mike Olive, Bandera