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Referencing Susan Junker’s March 9 letter to the editor, “No Competition, No Progress,” Junker takes credit, albeit unwarranted, for her candidacy having an impact on the “… Commissioners Court agenda and Judge Evans goals.” A bit presumptuous.

She believes she alone influenced the Court to allocate $600,000 to renovate the Old Jail and First Courthouse. Actually, these monies were recently collected, and the Court is going to initiate the first phase – WITHOUT anyone’s sway. The start has nothing to do with her campaign.

Certainly, there have been complaints regarding the pace of this much-needed restoration. And I would have preferred this long-awaited project be done by now. Those buildings are historic treasures and need to be preserved and utilized for the public to enjoy.

But the reason for the delay is one for which I applaud the Court. Rather than taking property tax money, the Court chose to fund renovations using money from the hotel / motel tax and Unclaimed Capital Credits. While it took longer to accumulate those dollars, it eliminated the burden on the backs of Bandera County’s property taxpayers and shifted the cost to be borne by visitors and tourists.

Ms. Junker also takes credit for forcing Evans to state he opposed the solar farm. The truth is, while he is a fierce supporter of property rights, he is, and has been, vehemently against solar as he recognizes not only that the project was not beneficial to the county, but it also goes totally against our beautiful Hill Country. The unsightly panels would have significantly damaged our valued resource -- tourism.

Finally, and also a false claim, is Junker’s assertion she compelled Judge Evans to state he would ensure the Lakehills Annex will not close with the proposed Courthouse Annex construction. Neither Evans, nor the Court has ever announced, discussed formally or informally, nor had plans drawn which would have closed Lakehills. Shutting down the annex was NEVER an option. It should have never been a point of debate.

Perhaps the fictitious rumor was deliberately introduced into the campaign to create controversy with the hope of capturing a voting demographic by injecting fear into their minds?

I applaud Junker for her civic involvement. I’m sure her efforts have benefited the community. She rightfully deserves credit for any of her noble endeavors which better both our wonderful citizens and our great County.

But taking credit for impacting the Court’s agenda is not just a reach, it’s pretentious propaganda. Her assertion is wrong and nothing more than pure self-aggrandizement.

Russell Hevenor