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Don’t Like an Opinion? Tell Us!

Despite our “About This Page” blurb at the top of the page and the giant “Opinion” header floating above all the page’s content, we are still told certain viewpoints do not belong on the opinion page.

Obviously, readers have the right to feel that way. That’s how opinions work.

All I can say in response is that whether an opinion has merit or not is not the concern of this page.

The Bulletin’s Opinion page doesn’t endorse opinions. It endorses a space for the community to present them.

And I truly hope you tell us your opinions.

Don’t like something you read? Shoot us a letter! Got a column idea you’d like to write? Pitch it to us!

We are always looking for new, varied content on the opinion page. We want to reflect as diverse and unique a community view as possible.

I often say we strive hard every week to find a left-leaning column and a right-leaning column – a policy directed at cartoons as well. I speak in broad terms, of course.

The Bulletin understands opinions, like people, are nuanced and can rarely be labeled as one thing. As long as the opinions are diverse, we feel comfortable going to press.

What this page will not be is one-sided. If a society doesn’t engage with opinions, doesn’t have the ability to discuss differing viewpoints respectfully and passionately, then that lack of engagement metastasizes into something toxic.

We want our opinion page to be a forum for that engagement. Otherwise, it is an echo chamber, which is the last thing the Bulletin wants to create.

Don’t like something? Great! I can’t wait to read your letter and publish it.

An issue of the paper last year had almost an entire page of letters engaging with different columns, viewpoints and even other letters – a community engaged. We were very proud of that communal discussion space.

It should be said that letters to the editor don’t have to be a response, positive or negative, to content in the paper. If you have something on your mind and want to share it, send a letter. The community space is there for you to do just that.

We look forward to your letters.