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Carla Jan Marshall passed away at her country home outside Medina, Texas on Aug. 4, 2020. She was born in Durant, Oklahoma on Feb. 27, 1944 and grew up in San Antonio.

Carla was married to W. Laurence Doxsey since 1987.

Carla was a world traveler for a number of years, living in multiple countries including India, Nepal, Morocco and France. She visited Central and South America, Japan and several Caribbean islands and was a huge fan of the Asian world.

She joined her husband, Laurence, in Asheville, North Carolina where she helped him operate an alternative energy business and finished her college degree at Goddard College in Vermont.

She was particularly intrigued by and became an expert in alternative educational approaches. This led to the highly successful creation of a nonprofit learning program in Austin, Texas called The Green Classroom.

The Green Classroom started in 1989 and was one of the earliest experiential learning programs set around gardening and understanding the natural environment in which the children live.

She was awarded numerous state and national awards for The Green Classroom, leading to several trips to Washington, D.C. with her inner-city elementary students.

Her particular talent which she displayed throughout her life was to engage and captivate with empathy, honesty, creativity and enthusiasm.

Prior to and after retiring to Medina, Carla pursued her artistic talents, first in stained glass and then in painting with the Orient being the primary inspiration and subject matter.

Her artistic pursuits also included forays in architectural design, interior design, landscape design and Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine.

Carla is survived by her husband, Laurence Doxsey, stepson Nathan Doxsey and his wife Tina Bui, and step grandson Liam Doxsey of Austin; and stepson, Jon Doxsey of Asheville, North Carolina.

Her parents, Carlton Marshall and Marjorie Bernice Marshall, preceded her in death.

There will be no service at this time.

She was very pleased with and thankful for the services of Peterson Hospice of Kerrville, Texas in her final days.

Carla willed her body to UT Health San Antonio.

Friends, family and acquaintances are invited to remember Carla in their own ways and to give back to their community and others in whatever manner they choose.