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Programs allows student “cross-age”

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Medina ISD’s cross-age program is allowing high school and elementary students to interact throughout the school day.

During the cross-age program, high school students go to elementary classrooms to help out the students and their teachers.

Sometimes it is as simple as getting kids from classroom to classroom or helping them go to the bathroom. Other times, you basically become another teacher helping students understand and complete school activities.

The teachers appreciate the extra set of hands and the elementary students enjoy it as well.

Physical education teachers Carli Harlow and Jeri Gatlin commented on the program.

Coach Harlow said, “It's super helpful, especially with the little kids. It's always nice to have an extra set of hands.”

Gatlin said, “The help is always appreciated.”

Staff member Chelsea Beason said, “It's a good opportunity for the kids to learn, especially if they want to be a teacher in the future.”

The high school students involved also see the positives of the program.

Charli McCabe works with the junior high volleyball team in the mornings. When asked why she chose to do it, she said, “I signed up because I enjoy being able to teach other students things I learned and help them in their sport. I also want to be in the athletic field when I get older and this exposes me to that world.”

Esperanza Scogin works with the Pre-K students and also commented on why she chose this class.

“I wanted to do cross-age not only to get to see the little kids, but to help them learn new things. I love that I get to be a part of their learning experience and their journey into life.”

The little ones also love it too, as to them, high school students are role models. They are happy to have a “bigger kid” helping them out and they try to be around and talk to them as much as possible.

A kinder student had something to say about their time with his high school tutor: “I like him being here to help. He’s funny”