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Nominees sought for appraisal district board

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All six, voting board members of the Central Appraisal District of Bandera County will be elected to office for a two-year term later this year, officials said.

The nine governmental jurisdictions that have their property tax rolls prepared by the appraisal district elect the board members. The number of votes they are assigned is based on the size of their tax levy as authorized by the state tax code.

Those taxing jurisdictions are soliciting names of interested candidates for the board positions currently, said Wendy M. Grams, the appraisal district’s chief appraiser. Anyone interested in serving should contact the governmental entities and request that his or her name be submitted as a nominee.

To be eligible to serve as a board member, a candidate must have resided within the boundaries of the appraisal district for at least two years, Grams said.

The City of Bandera nominated Darcy Hasty as an appraisal district director on Thursday, Oct. 3, and Bandera County Commissioners’ Court is scheduled to vote on a board nominee at its meeting this Thursday, Oct. 10.

What nominees have been identified by other governmental entities within the appraisal district was not available earlier this week.

The governmental entities must submit their nominations to the chief appraiser no later than Tuesday, Oct. 15, and the appraiser will compile the nominees on a ballot that will be sent back to the governmental bodies by Oct. 30.

The member governments will vote on the nominees and submit their results back to the appraisal district by Dec. 15 so the results of the election can be compiled and reported back to the governmental bodies by Dec. 31.

The first meeting of the new board will be in January 2020. It hires the chief appraiser for the district, appoints appraisal review board members, approves the district’s budget and decides on other policy issues for the property appraisal agency.

The board has seven directors, but one, the county’s tax assessor-collector, is a non-voting member.