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Mother says son is “remorseful” for bringing antique gun to school

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The mother of a student expelled for bringing an antique gun to school says her 14-year-old didn’t initially understand the seriousness of his actions but now grasps their impact.

“He is now in a program through the probation department, and it has helped him understand the full scope of what he did,” Colten’s mother, Angie Bush, told the Bulletin last week. “He is very remorseful.”

After a black powder handgun was found inside his backpack, Colten, an eighth-grade boy attending Bandera Middle School, was taken into custody on Jan. 25 by the Bandera Marshal’s office.

Charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, his case was transferred to the Juvenile Probation Department and handled through the Bandera County Court.

Bush said the gun was an antique cap and ball pistol which had been disabled from being able to fire.

“He told some boys about it in class, and they dared him to bring it and let them see it,” she said. “He didn’t understand the seriousness of breaking the rule and complying with them. He had no ammunition and no intention of harm.”

Bush, who described her son as a Christian who loves God, family and country, said Colten is very passionate about history and wars. “He writes countless war stories and illustrates them,” she said. “He has a collection of war and soldier items given to him by different veterans.”

Former Interim Marshal Rusty Pancoast told the Bulletin in January Colten did not threaten any students.

Bandera ISD Superintendent Gary Bitzkie said in a statement no other threats were found on campus following the gun’s discovery.