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GOP boasts full slate of precinct chairs

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Following their monthly meeting last month, the Bandera County Republican Party now has ten precinct chairs, a facet party chair Conrad Striegl says is something that has not happened in some time.

“There has not been a full contingent of Precinct Chairs since I’ve been in Bandera County,” Striegl told the Bulletin. “Records, or lack thereof, leave me to only speculate as to how long or even if there was ever a full contingent of Precinct Chairs, but suffice it to say, it’s been a very long time.”

Striegl told the Bulletin the following are the new 2022-2024 Bandera County Executive Committee members and officers:

• Precinct 101 Chair – Laura Briscoe

• Precinct 102 Chair – Ken Denney (elected as permanent Secretary)

• Precinct 203 Chair – Brandi Conover

• Precinct 204 Chair – David Speicher

• Precinct 305 Chair – Joe Kitzman

• Precinct 306 Chair • – Cammie Morgan

• Precinct 407 Chair – Elisa Greene

• Precinct 408 Chair – Deanna “Dede” Skoglund (appointed Vice-Chair)

• Precinct 409 Chair – Kevin Holdsworth

• Precinct 410 Chair – John Mata (appointed Sergeant at Arms)

• Parliamentarian (appointed) – Darcy Hasty

• Treasurer (appointed) – René Leith “This is the first time in many years that all Precincts have representation, thereby giving the county an equal voice in their Party’s business,” Striegl said in an email. Mr. Speicher was nominated for the vacant Preinct 204 Chair position and approved by a 8-2 vote, said Striegl. Mr. Mata replaces Becky Gring, who ran unopposed for the position earlier this year. Striegl told the Bulletin Mrs. Gring withdrew her application for precinct chair during the allotted withdrawal period, making her ineligible to hold the position.

“Unfortunately, the former County Chair acknowledged Mrs. Gring’s withdrawal but failed to perform the appropriate paperwork to remove Mrs. Gring from the SOS website. Failure to perform and submit the appropriate paperwork, however, doesn’t preclude Mrs. Gring from being ineligible due to her withdrawal,” said triegl. “tUpon withdrawal, Mrs. Gring should have never been placed on the ballot.”

Lynn Hauter, the aforementioned former County Chair, told the Bulletin that Gring did not fulfill any proper documentation for withdrawal.

Striegl said, “I spoke with the Secretary of State and our SD-24 Committeeman, who also conferred with the RPT State Chair. Our SREC Committeeman was present at our Organizational meeting and explained that process and the subsequent actions I took.”

The Bulletin reached out to the Secretary of State’s Office, who issued the following statement: “The Secretary of State’s office was made aware of a dispute over the replacement of a Bandera County Republican precinct chair. This is an internal party matter that must be resolved by officials of the Bandera County Republican Party.”

The RPT State Chair did not respond to the Bulletin’s request for comment.

Striegl said representation is one of many goals of the party under his leadership, adding monthly GOP meetings will be held in differnet locations throughout the county.

“Each Precinct will have a meeting within their Precinct or close to their home, in hopes of gaining greater community participation and, ultimately, involvement,” he said.

Future party meetings are scheduled for August 11, September 8, October 13, and November 10, with no meeting scheduled for December.

Striegl also said the party is working on building a new website from scratch, where information about the party at large will be made available.

“The plan is to have the ability to archive all meeting agendas, meeting minutes and any ancillary paperwork, as well as plenty of other information (i.e.: current Bandera County Executive Committee Bylaws, PRT Platform & Resolutions, SREC Rules & Bylaws, Texas Elections Code, our annual Calendar of Meetings, etc.),” Striegl wrote in an email to the Bulletin.

That in- progress website can be viewed at