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EDC reviews proposals for Buck Creek land

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On October 29, the Bandera Economic Development Corporation (EDC) reviewed and discussed actions for three proposals for the EDC-owned land on Buck Creek, across from the Silver Sage Senior Center.

The Bandera Fire & Rescue proposal was denied, as the members felt that a different location would serve them better.

EDC President Jerad Wilcox said he is working with Bandera Fire abd Rescue to find a new location.

Art Crawford and Silver Sage’s proposal (for their food bank) was motioned and approved unanimously to enter into negotiation to purchase the property.

The discussion for the proposal from John and Pat Boyle, brokered by Guillot Realty, was shortly delayed at the request of John Boyle, who requested to address the board.

Boyle shared his disdain towards the EDC for comments made at a prior EDC meeting, at which it was implied that the Boyles were tax dodgers and the Boyle’s intent for purchase was under question. Boyle went on to say that their intent was real.

“I stood up and laid out a 15-minute presentation on what I intended to do. I couldn’t have made it more clear when I spelled it out,” said Boyle, who added his intent is to buy and develop tracs for business, residential or a mix of both.

“I pay my taxes,’’ Boyle continued. “For you to imply that I don’t, you are walking a fine line.”

Boyle said he thought the EDC was created in order to encourage growth, not discourage it.

“We need to have an adult conversation and we would like a response to our offer. Let’s get to the table,” Boyle said in closing. Wilcox replied “It was a bad choice” in response to Boyle’s accusation. EDC member Toni Kunz pointed out this was the last and largest trac of land in the city limits with sewer and planned developed zoning and is in high demand, thus the EDC must negotiate with the most qualified partner. A motion was made to enter into further negotiations with John & Pat Boyle; four were in favor, Donna Ross opposed. Laura Devenport did not vote, as she had to extricate herself from the vote due to her role on the Board of Directors at Silver Sage.

On November 8, the EDC called a special meeting as a formality in order to disclose and discuss actions after it was discovered EDC member Lauren Ojeda is an agent for Gay Guillot Realty.

Kunz confirmed the EDC is continuing negotiations with both the Silver SaDCge and Gay Guillot, John Boyle and Pat Boyle.