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Called to Be Priests and Kings

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Now that you are saved and have taken steps for Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Now that you have focused your attention to the unseen, and not the seen, you may not know that you have been given Spiritual gifts and a function in the body and a passion that will help direct you to fulfill your calling as a ruler. Most important: you must spend years just being fruitful. First, I want to warn you of what not to do:

In Genesis 26:15-25 Abraham’s son Isaac demonstrates our tendency to proceed on our own initiative to dig a well for the Holy Spirit’s anointing showing Jesus’s favor and blessings. But the Philistines came along and filled the well with dirt. Isaac continued digging looking for rivers of living water, the Holy Spirit, and each time the Philistines filled it with dirt.

Like Isaac, I have dug many wells and watched the Philistines fill them with dirt. After my glorious experience being Spirit baptized by Jesus, I looked in the newspaper and found a position open in a beautiful ministry as Director of a children’s home operated by a fraternal organization with lodges located in towns throughout the state. I assumed I had found the position of my calling. I applied for the job, was interviewed and accepted, not knowing only half of the ruling Board had voted for me. The other half wanted the previous Director back. The half that didn’t want me started false rumors about me in some of their more friendly lodges. I was blessed by the fact that most all the Jr. High kids and High school kids accepted the Lord as their savior and were saved. After 8 months on the job, busloads of lodge members came to the Board meeting and demanded I be fired. My wife and I thought everything was going good, not knowing the Philistines were busily pouring dirt and filling our well. During that Board meeting I had to resign.

I moved my family to Dallas and attended a Bible College using my GI Bill and working. When I graduated, I accepted a non-paying position of Administer of the Corpus Christi Christian Institute and we moved there, 100 miles from Mexico. I dug lots of wells, particularly when living next to the border for 1 ½ years. These were attempts of fruitfulness, but the Philistines filled each one with dirt.