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Called to be Kings and Priests

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This week’s entry examines God’s appointment of leaders in scripture. Allow me some liberty including disregarding some of the details leading up to their appointment:

David was the runt (youngest) of Jesse’s family, and he was responsible for caring for the sheep in nearby pastures when God tapped him on the shoulder and told him he would be the next king of Israel.

Joseph was cast off in hatred by his brothers onto a caravan of Arabs going to Egypt. He was a prisoner in a smelly Egyptian underground dungeon having no hope of reprieve when God tapped him on the shoulder and told him he would be the Prime Minister of the Egyptian empire under Pharoah.

Esther was an orphan; both her mother and father were dead. She was being raised by her uncle, having little hope for her adult life when God tapped her on the shoulder and told her she would be the next Queen of the Persian Empire.

Gideon was hidden in a cave threshing wheat away from the ruling Midianites. He was a part of the weakest clan in the tribe of Manasseh, and the least in his father’s house. The angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon calling him a mighty man of God who would lead Israel to overthrow the Midianites and then be Judge (ruler) over Israel.

Saul was the bitterest of enemies to the early church, killing and imprisoning many Christians, doing his best to wipe out the Christian religion which he hated. He had no inkling that God put His hand on him to save and baptize him in the Holy Spirit. Renamed Paul, he become the most powerful Apostle who ever lived, and writer of much of the New Testament Scripture.

Moses, after receiving the finest education possible as the adopted grandson of the great Pharaoh of Egypt, killed an Egyptian man and had to run for his life multiple miles to the backside of the dessert where he got a job tending the flock of sheep for Jethro, a Midianite. For 40 years Moses faced a useless existence in his life obliterating all of the gains of training, privilege and power in the court of Pharaoh, making him a “nobody” like you and me.

Finally, God tapped Moses on the shoulder and told him he would deliver the whole nation of Israel, over a million people, and lead them out of Egypt as their ruler to a new land. Moses had lost all confidence, lost his speaking ability, and told God he simply could not do that. So, God showed Moses His omnipotent power that would be with him.

Jesus was born in a manger in a barn surrounded by smelly animals.

All of these leaders in the Bible were once nobodies. But God made them rulers and leaders like a potter molds the clay into a masterpiece. That can be your story.