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Bandera’s timely business

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  • Bandera’s timely business
    BOUM PINTO/chuck McCollough Bob Kaska, the owner of Sands of Time Clock Repair & Sales, begins working on one of the clocks he has in for repairs at his shop near Bandera.

Bandera County resident Bob Kaska has more time on his hands than most folks.

He is the owner of the Sands of Time Clock Repair Sr Sales and works in his shop next to his house just outside of Bandera on Highway 16 South.

‘When I retired and moved to Bandera County, I wanted to get more involved with clocks. I have had an antique business for many years and have been around clocks for many years,” the clock repairman said.

Kaska got the chance to learn more about clocks when he took one his clocks to longtime clock repairman Clyde Day in Kerrville.

Day said he had a four-to-five-month backlog of work but agreed to look at Kaska’s clock.

The two men talked for a while, and Kaska volunteered to work two days a week for free to address the backlog just to learn the business.

“I worked with Mr. Day for five years, then built my own shop and started working on clocks in Bandera County. As far as I know, I am the only clock repair business in the county,” he said.

Kaska said Day, his mentor, died two years ago at the age of 97. Day’s family agreed to sell Clyde Day’s Clock Bench to Kaska.

“A clock bench has a lot drawers and places for tools and where clocks are repaired,” Kaska explained.

Clock repair is only one part of Kaska’s connection to clocks.

“I also collect and sell clocks and go twice a year to big events for people in the clock business,” he said.

Kaska especially likes working on antique timepieces like grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks and said Bandera County has a number of those.

“My guess is that one quarter of the people in Bandera County have an old or antique clock, many handed down through generations,” he said.

Kaska also likes the history of time pieces and their connection to people through history.

“I got to work on a grandfather clock from the 1820-40s era, and it was very interesting. Mechanical clocks go back 500 to 600 years,” he said.

“And timepieces like the hour class go even further back,” Kaska noted.

For more information, call the Sands of Time at 830-460-7815 or 903-571-4702.