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Volunteers help take Christmas lights down

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Not as many volunteers turned out to take the Christmas lights, nativity scene and other decorations down outside the Bandera County Courthouse on Thursday, Jan. 2, as showed up to install the colorful decorations in November, but they still came down in a hurry.

Bandera County Commissioner Jack Moseley who organized the volunteer courthouse lighting effort after it looked like the lights might not go up again this year because of funding woes said the lights were taken down and stored in about four hours thanks to the efforts of 10 volunteers.

He said the effort included strong support from the county’s juvenile probation department, which sent four probationers and two adults to the initiative.

Moseley drew 22 volunteers to put the lights up on Nov. 23, which allowed the lights to be erected quickly without many headaches.

The commissioner hopes a community organization will step forward to adopt the lighting program at the courthouse as an annual project so it does not have to rely on volunteer support in the future.