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Growing up in Bandera

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The fast changing landscape in our area isn’t just limited to the town of Bandera. It’s happening all over the county.

Pipe Creek, Lakehills and Medina are having to endure changes brought on by the population explosion too.

Ed Jennings Store once was the centerpiece in Pipe Creek where you could buy a beer at one counter and get fined for a speeding ticket at another. Not at the same time though.

The Judge Jennings took priority over store clerk Jennings. He wore his sense of humor with a flair but took his JP duty serious. Well, most of the time anyway. I always enjoyed the stops there when working fencing jobs in the area with my Granddaddy Clark.

Lots of changes have taken place out around The Barrelhouse. Some of you oldtimers will recall the days when it was a cafe and then later it was a secondhand store.

The most recent change around there is the addition of a doughnut shop and a Dollar Store just up the road.

On the opposite end of town you will find the historic Lewis Bros. Store which lives on as an antique shop.

Lakehills is the most densely populated area in the county I would guess due to its close proximity to San Antonio. Very few of the businesses I remember as a kid still exist. I spent many Sundays at St. Victor’s Chapel as an altar boy who was recruited by Father Victor after church services in Bandera.

At one time I could use Medina as an example of what Bandera used to be when I was growing up but that too has changed. Longtime friends Bobby Walker and Joe Sides from back in the day are still hanging around and I get to visit with them occasionally. Other familiar friendly faces greet me when I attend the street sales. The friendliness is one thing that has never changed and that is reminiscent of the old Bandera.

Moving on with this Growing Up In Bandera journey I feel obligated to give a shoutout to another little place in the county.

Heads up, Tarpley, it’s headed your way!!!