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Growing up in Bandera

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Remembering how we set up the old coffee percolator the night before for a quick morning plugin was pretty nifty, but doesn’t compare to all the new contraptions we have available today for brewing a cup of joe. I miss watching the coffee bubbling up in that little glass knob on top and you could chose the strength of your coffee by the color. It was kinda like watching the flames in a campfire. Another one of those simple little pleasures of days gone by.

Cold weather mornings bring back memories of my wife and I snuggled under the warm covers as we each were trying to convince the other to get up and light the heater. It was only on extreme cold nights that we dared to leave a gas heater on all night. Modern day problems revolve around who decides the proper thermostat setting and who gets up to let one of our little dogs out in the middle of the night. I guess you could say that is progress. Thank you Lord for central air and heat along with ceiling fans.

In my wife’s new car there are dual climate temperature control adjusters which is a real blessing. Do your own thing, as they say. Nothing like the old days in a car with no a/c when it was hot and I wanted to roll the window down while traveling. “No!!!”, she would holler. “I just fixed my hair!!!”

Heated seats, heated steering wheels along with lumbar equipped multi-position reclining seat backs are the norm. The aggravation of not being able to use cruise control on long trips because of drivers not maintaining a constant speed has been overcome by self-adjusting speed sensors when approaching another vehicle from the rear. I am a little disappointed that predictions from back in the day of flying cars have not yet been realized.

I used to really appreciate a good pair of long johns while working outside in the winter. They were pretty simple when compared to the modern-day thermal designs. Too little, too late for me though. Retirement has provided me with some really great options including staying in bed on cold mornings instead of getting up and facing the elements because bills were coming due. I don’t have to fish in extreme weather conditions any longer either because I’m no longer limited to just weekends because of a job.

With all the new technology coming at warp speed in today’s society, it has caused me some stress with all the questions that keep popping into in my head. Let’s imagine a country boy is out in his yard relieving himself, as they have been known to do, and someone is flying a camera mounted drone overhead. Is that going to be considered indecent exposure or a case of invasion of privacy?

Someone needs to get a handle on things before my “Growing Up in Bandera” life is in complete turmoil. I am fast becoming a victim of soft living.

It appears I have met the enemy and he is me!