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October 19, 2022 - 00:00

The United States of America was founded for several reasons but mainly to ensure freedom of religious beliefs/ practices and taxation amounts/purposes. In that process, newborn America welcomed everyone—sorta’. Anyone white, blue eyed and blonde had a free pass. People of color, not so much. And, oh yeah, those Catholics from Ireland.

Over the years, people came (or were forced to come, i.e., Africans and Chinese) to America. They all worked, settled America, built America, invented better ways to make a living, invented machinery for travel, production, farming, etc. And America grew and prospered. Hence the name the Melting Pot of the world and the greatest country in the world. America fought several wars to ensure it got to keep all it had worked for. And EVERYBODY fought in some way—on the battlefield, support of the military, and citizen sacrifice/rationing--to be sure we won, and kept, our precious freedom.

Then we got pretty big for our britches! And politics got ugly. Threats and bullying and lies became the norm. Campaign promises that had NO CHANCE of being fulfilled flooded the air waves. And unless each voter did some homework before going to the polls, the most precious AND ONLY voice each voter has was left to a wing and a prayer. And only partial information. My personal feelings about anything are not important to anyone. What is important is that you each take time to find out what a candidate REALLY BELIEVES AND WILL DO, and then go vote. And remember, no one can see your ballot. There is no way to connect your ballot to you! So if you don’t agree with the loudest candidate, the one with unbelievable promises and the candidate with threats and bullying but the candidate in “your” party, vote for somebody else! You don’t have to vote only for one party. Vote a Democrat here, a Republican there, an Independent and a Green Candidate sprinkled in. It’s nobody’s business but YOURS. It’s the ONLY LEGAL VOICE YOU HAVE. And to whichever God/religion you recognize, I beg that you pray for America, the country we all fought for and the country that is still the best in the world. And if you don’t believe in YOUR VOTE or in America, call me. I’ll help you pack your bags so you can move to some other country more to your liking! In America, it’s still your choice, your voice. Please use it wisely!

Fran Fox Former Bandera Resident