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November 02, 2022 - 00:00

In Response to Jodi Sinclair's feelings in her 10/26/22 letter that I slammed and attacked her. Madam, In my entire 998 worded letter; I made no personal attack directed towards you.

My attack/slam was entirely directed towards the Racist History of The Democratic Party and the continued implication that those that want secure borders, secure voting, the right to defend their families and for their children to be taught to read, write and add and not be little socialist are racist. I did not read over her statement 'that Democrats did gerrymander districts in days long ago'. However, that statement does imply that they don't do that anymore. It is November and the following report was published 6/28/22 by 538 Reporting, so I guess some may consider that was a long time ago. Democrat Redistricting Advantage(Gerrymandering) NY, Ill, MD. In Current Litigation: Nevada, New Mexico.

Under the new laws most redistricting has been found to be fairly balanced, although there are also some with republican advantage.

I did reference another author that Gerrymandering was done by both republicans and democrats. I see no reason for her to take my article personally. But, she did and other readers will make their own decision.

John Schuetze

Bandera, Texas