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From Precinct 410 Chair

Especially to my friends and neighbors in Precinct 410.

In reference to the article on the front page of last week’s Bandera Bulletin, I now need to speak up and explain just a little about what has happened to me as precinct chair and why I have remained silent.

First, I do not like the lying and mud slinging. Second, I did not quit as precinct chair, I was duly elected. If I reveal everything in the newspaper someone may lose their job.

After I signed and had notarized and registered my paper and run for precinct chair, I visited the former chair. He said he was running. I did not wish to compete with him. I sent an unofficial letter to the county chair saying I was quitting. I also sent a copy to an elected official whom I thought should know. She printed it and gave it to Conrad Striegl, who was not yet the county chair. Her name and email address were marked out with black marker. He immediately sent me a letter with a copy of my email and said I had quit. I had not. The law said I had to notarize a paper saying I quit and send it to the state.

I later realized the former Precinct 410 chair was not going to run so I decided to stay. I did not officially quit. Mr Striegl had no authority at that time.

I look forward to serving my friends and neighbors at the polls again.

God Bless You,

Rebecca J. Gring

Utopia, Texas

Editor’s Note: Conrad Striegl is the Bandera County Republican Party. Lynn Haueter was the previous chair. Mr. Striegl was elected to the position earlier this year, running unopposed. Ms. Gring ran unopposed for Precinct 410 Chair in the same election.