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For those of you who don’t know, this is what he Democrats have given us in the last two years.

They shut down America’s small business while keeping open the chosen few, like Walmart and Target; marijuana and liquor stores They closed the nation’s public schools to all in-person instruction – and then let the unions keep doors closed at he great dertiment to youth, long past the stage of health danger.

They used the free market to impose mandates they didn’t have the constitutional right or political nerve to pass themselves – that is, face masking of free Americans – and then stood by and watched the chaos that came from retail employees having to act as law enforcers for laws that weren’t laws They stood by and watched as bands of police pulled rider without face off public transportation, chased runner without mask off empty beaches, arrested pedestrians without mask in city streets fined citizens without mask who walked in public – all based on randomly targeted randomly imposed arbitrarily crafted healthbased dictates, policies and orders.

They imposed burdensome, tyrannical political will on the people based on faulty, skewed, and outright deceptively interpreted data via executive order that far outlived their supposed health emergeancy bases for being They wrecked national holidays, religious holidays, basic American holidays, by both order and advisement telling families to stay home, friend to stay away families and friends to not travel for Easter – for Thanksgiving for Christmas. They shutdown the country’s biggest forms of entertainment – movie theaters, professional sports, concerts and venues for music and comedy, national parks, local parks and more.

They upset high school graduations, destroyed college and college-bound athletes’ scholarships, delayed and halted many a young bridge and Groom’s wedding – and worse devasted untold numbers of funerals, barial, occasions for grieving loved ones.

They advanced the cause of government serveilance and tracking of citizens and called for billions of ta dollars to go toward a nation wide contact tracing system that would forever put big Brother at he helm They jeopardized the nation’s children causing emotional, behavioral, psychological and even physical to the most vulnerable, by forcing them to live lives of hermits and adopt stayat- home habits born of fear. They turned a thriving economy and Booming job market into a depressed state of uncertainty and constant upheaval – and along the way pressed the idea into the national consciousness that to work, one needs the Government’s permission They shut down Churches – Churches! By executive order. By the whim of a governor, y the Command of a bureaucrat.

They hypocritically, arrogantly, and with full elitist intent, went about their own business – eating a restaurants, visiting their hair salons, traveling as wished, partying wth friends – all the while, demanding, the citizens who pay their salaries to refrain from eating at restaurants, getting their hair cut, traveling across Community, county, and overseas; and meeting with friends and families for food and drink As socialist and markist they want to destroy America.

Guess What AT&T Direct TV hates Free speech,. This is what they did in Germany in the 1930!!

Larry J Marsh