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Eyes on Jesus

The following is from a small booklet “Eyes on Jesus”, printed by Concordia Publishing House. I thought you might enjoy it as I enjoyed it:


“Have you ever had an eye-opening experience? This kind of event can be any time you suddenly realize something you didn’t before. Sometimes that’s a good thing. You learn a great lesson. You gain a special insight. Sometimes that’s a bad thing. You realize that someone had been lying to you. You learn of a terrible truth.

Adam and Eve thought that they wanted their eyes to be opened. They wanted to be like God, knowing the things He knew. And what did they learn?They learned that they were naked. They learned that they were not God. They learned that they had made a terrible, horrible, irreversible mistake. Maybe Adam and Eve suddenly wished they could undo, unknow, unsee what they had done. But it was too late. And now, we often see more than we want. We see pain, death, suffering, anger, and all kinds of evil.

Jesus sees it all too. He saw it all as He endured it all on the cross. He has seen every sin that you have ever done, and there is nowhere to hide it. It’s all laid bare.

And because Jesus saw it all, and paid for it all, He now sees us as forgiven. Holy. Redeemed. That is an eye-opening truth that fills us with joy.”

Richard Snyder Bandera, Texas