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Democratic obstructionism destroying country

A good friend of mine once said the following – first, to save those of a closed mind the agony of reading further, let me state exactly where I stand in the political spectrum. I would not vote for a Democrat for dog catcher; the dogs deserve better.

The Democrats that I once loved because of their ethical beliefs have completely lost their minds.

It is quite possible that there exists a politician of Democratic persuasion and of sufficient moral and ethical stature to be worthy of support, but such a politician labors under the crushing burden of a party that has abandoned all pretext and regard for the values of honor, duty and fealty.

The Democratic Party is like a tree with a terminal case of Oak Wild disease that will persist until the tree is dead.

Incredible as it may seem, this Democrat Party with its valueless agenda who were elected by the people of the United States to represent them before the world has established, as a policy, the obstruction of the commander-in-chief and all that office stands for.

A party that has once again established, as a policy, the abandonment of right and wrong. A party that appears almost desperate in the frenetic search for a means to discredit this president and throw this country into chaos.

It would be instructive to recall the numbers of persons that have been murdered or raped as a result of our open borders, a direct result of the Democrat administration.

After 85 years of observing the passing parade, it is quite possible that my remaining years are numbered in the single digits and all unresolved injustices will, shortly for me, be mute.

Still, it is gut wrenching to sit by and watch while a once great nation self destructs before my eyes in an agony of recrimination and scurrilous politics, impelled to that destruction by a virulent and pathological hatred of a president who would like to turn this country around from the downhill direction it is heading.

It is an emotional train wreck of frustration to realize that, as an American, I must stand by and watch as illegal aliens cross our borders by the hundreds, and the Democrats are more interested in where they stand politically than what is best for the nation.

Let us not forget, one day we will stand before the creator of all mankind and give an answer for the way we lived our lives here on earth.

Rex E. Kennedy


Climate change worries overstated

Mr. Doxsey (a Democratic columnist for the Bandera Bulletin who wrote a column about the implications of climate change in the March 4 edition of the paper), once again you are alleging that climate change is a concern for voters. You failed to state that this concern is at the bottom of the voters’ concerns.

I have yet to see any politician campaign strictly for initiating law to “combat climate change.”

Yes, there were environmental laws that were passed in the 1970s charging companies to reduce harmful emissions. The laws passed by Congress were successful in reducing a large amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. There were more controls placed upon companies to terminate sending harmful chemicals into our rivers.

With all these laws, the environment was made cleaner, and as of today the United States is the most efficient country in the world in managing the quality of our air and rivers.

Unfortunately, we now have bureaucrats that unilaterally have been making laws which were never passed by Congress. A very common one was unilaterally declaring certain areas such as wetlands and denying an owner of the property from building or improving the land.

Yes, Texas has invested in building wind generator farms, but what is forgotten is all the energy that had/has to be utilized before any electricity could be generated.

I myself have no opposition to the wind generators, but some politicians want to shut down oil companies from producing oil. It is because of oil and gas that this country has the number one economy in the world. In fact, other countries are very dependent upon oil to maintain a 21st Century livelihood.

It is unfortunate that people do not realize how important oil is. Many things we use every day were constructed using oil. The plastic pen you write with was constructed from a byproduct of oil. The plastic grocery bags are made from a byproduct of oil.

Today I just heard on the news another volcano has erupted and in just minutes expelled more carbon dioxide into the air along with forming a huge ash cloud. It is my understanding that the ash can block the sun’s rays, which will have a cooling effect on the world.

I also believe in climate change. It changed again on March 19 when spring began.

Marcus Kaspar


President criticized for coronavirus response

On Feb. 29, 2020, president Trump, in reference to Democrats worrying about the coronavirus, said: “This is their new hoax.”

And then, for the next several weeks, Trump continued to belittle the idea that coronavirus was any kind of danger.

On March 26, the day I’m writing this, coronavirus deaths in the United States are over 1,000. And, the best guess on people that are carrying the virus is somewhere around 75,000 (New York Times).

Our president has been extremely slow in pushing testing. If you don’t test, you have no idea of who has it and who doesn’t.

I suggest the president get off his rear end and start talking to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), put the federal muscle to work and get more testing done.

People are dying.

But, best I can tell, the president does nothing other than to say, “We have everything under control,” when actually, this is not the case at all.

Mike Olive

Bandera County